Sanaz Ebriani NC 

Certified Nutritionist.
Food Adventurist. Lover of Life.

Born in Tehran, Iran and emigrated to the U.S. in 1979 – food, music, and community were the cornerstones of Sanaz’ upbringing in the city dubbed Tehrangeles . Having moved to the Bay Area in 1998, Sanaz ventured on to various startup projects and diverse career paths – everything from music production and social media marketing to food justice and holistic wellness – making for a truly rich and broad entrepreneurial perspective. 

For Sanaz it began with music making and music marketing. Working 8 years in the music biz, she co-founded the world-electronic music duo ZAMAN8, co-produced the NPR acclaimed EP Suryaghati [Six Degrees Records], as well as co-developed the online world music radio station – Global Phatness Radio. Switching tracks a bit but not that much, Sanaz plunged herself into social media and interactive design as an online marketing, branding, and project management consultant at such startups and studios as SF Station, ForaTV, Mekanism, and OrdinaryKids.

In 2008, the rippling chants of “Change We Can Believe In” inspired Sanaz to tweak her work path just a bit more to what she could believe in – one that would foster community and enable the changing of people’s lives vis-a-vis food and wellness education. This new momentum pulled Sanaz into a few social entrepreneurship and food justice projects as well as completing her certification in Holistic Nutrition at Bauman College. Currently Sanaz is at the culminating point of her life-path career – interweaving all her rich and diverse experiences within food, wellness, and community – both seamlessly and creatively. Most recent projects include outreaching Raise the Root’smission for bettering the health of local communities through hands-on cooking education while also holding a private practice in nutrition consulting and personal chefing – championing nourishing foods and traditional cooking methods

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