"Dearest Sanaz, I cannot thank you enough for all of your support & guidance this past month! I feel SO much better & more prepared for going forward. I'm so grateful I found you!!" ~ Christy (Los Angeles, CA)

"Sanaz is heaven sent! I found her in the middle of a prolonged illness triggered by food poisoning & compounded by stress & antibiotics. I had tons of GI distress & worried I wouldn't be able to eat normally ever again. She helped me reset my whole system by providing me with a gut healing plan, which worked *wonders.* The illness ended up leaving me with some food intolerances, so Sanaz helped me revamp my whole approach to eating & figure out a long-term plan that would keep me satisfied, healthy, & thriving. I appreciated her research & depth of knowledge; she also has a very non-judgmental attitude, which is really helpful - her number one goal is your health, not a certain type of diet or avoiding things just for the sake of avoidance. Her approach to eating & diet were exactly what I was looking for, & I feel set up for life! She wants to work with you, & her tools & information were what I needed to get gently nudged along the path towards whole body health. She has good energy & a lightheartedness about her that makes working with her so supportive & wonderful! I loved her flexibility & willingness to work with whatever I was battling in the moment. Sanaz is fun, friendly, & knows what she's talking about! I wish I had taken a before & after picture of my fridge. It went from melancholy to marvelous!" ~ Caroline (Los Angeles, CA)

"It’s a little overwhelming all this stuff and I’m really glad I found you. You're the bridge between me and these doctors which I really needed more than I realized " ~ Abbey (Los Angeles, CA)

"I was depressed for two days when I heard that you are moving!  And, at the same time, I am excited for you. Big Sanaz fan."  ~Galen (Oakland Hills, CA) 

"OH MY GOD, the food was amazing! Thank you so super much for making our birthday dinner so good..."~Adrienne (Piedmont, CA)

"Sanaz is an angel. She is so patient with all my dietary constrictions and needs and is very accommodating to make sure I get what I need and want. The food is just delicious. Can't thank her enough."~Lynn (Benicia, CA)

"Sanaz is an excellent cook. I had the pleasure of her cooking for me in my home. The food was delicious and very nutritionally balanced and exceeded all my expectations. Sanaz is very talented."~Patty (San Francisco, CA)

"Thanks for the wonderfully tasty food!!!!"
~Thayer (Marin, CA)

"Sanaz was my personal chef for about a year.
She was a dream.
She tailored her dishes to my dietary needs and preferences and was able to navigate taking my partner's idiosyncrasies into account as well. The dishes she made were always super tasty as well as extremely healthy. And she always had a pleasant attitude. She was just a joy to be around.
I can't recommend her enough!"
.~Sumi (Oakland. CA)

"The food is absolutely amazing, every time. Never been disappointed. And to top it off, my cholesterol markers improved: Lowered Lipo-Protein A, triglycerides, and HDL increased! I couldn't recommend Sanaz more for her therapeutic chef services."

~Andy (Alamo, CA)

"Sanaz is such a talented chef and nutritionist. She knows how to delicately balance the flavors to create something really magical. I hired her to help with managing my AutoImmune condition through diet, and was able to decrease my medication by half thanks to her high quality anti-inflammatory foods and cooking."  
~Joann (Danville, CA)

Cashew Cream Raw Cheesecake with Blood Orange & Cumquat

Cashew Cream Raw Cheesecake with Blood Orange & Cumquat